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Our mission is to help make organizations more productive, profitable, and enjoyable places to work by harnessing the power of Performance Excellence.

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BaldrigeCoach delivers solutions that improve organizations’ performance based on their unique needs.


Since 1989, BaldrigeCoach has worked with organizations across every sector, large and small, to use the Baldrige framework to create focus, align empowered employees, provide high quality products and services, deliver exceptional customer experience, and achieve enviable results. 


We have had the privilege of working with 18 Baldrige Award recipients, 36 top-level state award recipients, and 10 AHCA/NCAL Gold Award recipients (the highest level award for the Baldrige-based program for the long-term care industry).


We are passionate about helping senior leaders leverage the power of the Baldrige framework to take their organizations from a good level of performance to a position of role model status.  In some organizations, this will be through an explicit use of the Baldrige Criteria.  In others, the Criteria serves as a framework but is not intended to result in an application. We use proven strategies and methodologies to achieve cultural transformation.


Our expertise includes:


  • Deep knowledge of the Baldrige Criteria
  • Extensive experience implementing the Balanced Scorecard
  • Facilitating Strategic Planning and Cultural Transformation
  • Using Lean Six Sigma and Hoshin Kanri to achieve breakthrough results.

Sectors served include:


Golden LivingCenter Tarboro - 2013 AHCA/NCAL Gold Quality Award

Stonebrook Health Care Center - 2014 AHCA Golden Excellence Award in Quality

Implementing Baldrige in Health Care
The Executive Guide to Understanding and Implementing Baldrige in Healthcare


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