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ACHA Bronze Quality Award

Workshop Description
This workshop is designed to help applicants complete a five-page Bronze Award application for the AHCA/NCAL National Quality Award and improve your chances of being a recipient.
Success requires meeting Technical Requirements and responding appropriately to the Criteria. In the past three years, approximately 65% of the Bronze Award applicants have been recipients. Learn how to avoid the mistakes of the 35% who were not.
Bring your laptop, use the recommended submission format, and you will draft most of your Bronze Award application content during the workshop. Receive answers to your questions as you work on your application. When you leave, you will have a great start on you application and a clear action plan for completing and submitting your Bronze Award application.
Learning Objectives
After completing this workshop, participants will be able to:
  • Meet the critical Technical Requirements and understand the deadlines for the AHCA/ NCAL Bronze Award application to avoid disqualification
  • Understand the Bronze Award Criteria and how to respond effectively to it
  • Understand what the examiners are looking for 
  • Complete most of your application during the workshop using the recommended submission format
  • Develop an action plan for any remaining tasks to complete the Bronze Award application
  • Learn how to use the AHCA/NCAL National Quality Award Program to support continuous quality improvement in your organization
This workshop uses a combination of lecture, examples, and hands-on work to develop skills to draft a Bronze Award application.
Your Instructors
Glenn Bodinson is an AHCA Master Examiner and Team Leader. He has been a Baldrige Team Leader, Texas Award for Performance Excellence Judge, and Carey Award Judge.
Kay Kendall is an AHCA Master Examiner and Team Leader. She has been a Baldrige Award Judge, California Award for Performance Excellence Judge, PiPEx Judge, and Carey Award Judge.
Glenn and Kay have reviewed over 600 Baldrige-based applications and feedback reports. One of their core competencies is preparing organizations to be Award-worthy, teaching them how to prepare successful applications, and helping them use the examiner feedback to accelerate excellence.
Bronze-Quality-AwardThey have worked with 18 Baldrige recipients, 37 State Award recipients, and multiple AHCA recipients at the Bronze, Silver, and Gold Levels. They are co-authors of The Executive Guide to Understanding and Implementing Baldrige in Healthcare: Evidence-Based Excellence® available at the AHCA/NCAL bookstore or


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