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Assessment and Planning Workshop Description

There are two versions of the Gold workshop designed to help applicants prepare a 55-page Gold application for the AHCA/NCAL National Quality Award. One is for first-time applicants, and the other is for prior applicants who have received feedback reports. Don’t let “Going for the Gold” intimidate you. BaldrigeCoach can simplify and accelerate the preparation of an application.
For organizations that are ready to submit an application, we will teach you application planning and writing skills. As an additional service, we will also review your drafts and provide coaching to improve the application’s response to the Criteria and Scoring Guidelines so you earn all the points to which you are entitled.
Some organizations learn in the workshop that they have significant process and / or results gaps to close. In that case, we have a 15- to 18-month Pathway to Excellence program. We use a series of 90-day action plans and coaching that help you adapt and
implement best practices to enable you to prepare an application the following year.
Learning Objectives
After completing this workshop, participants will be able to:
  • Understand the Gold Award Criteria, Scoring Guidelines, and Technical Requirements
  • Prepare a plan for your Gold Award application, including allocation of pages and use of tables to help demonstrate alignment and integration
  • Identify expected results and learn how to present them in a space-saving manner
  • Describe your organization’s strengths to earn all the points to which you are entitled
  • Identify essential processes and describe them using the BaldrigeCoach Process Description Tool®
  • Document gaps or Opportunities for Improvement
  • Understand how to use the application and feedback to accelerate improvement in your organization
This workshop uses a combination of lecture, case study, examples, and hands-on exercises to develop skills.
Your Instructors 
Glenn Bodinson is an AHCA Master Examiner and Team Leader. He has been a Baldrige Team Leader, Texas Award for Performance Excellence Judge, and Carey Award Judge. 
Kay Kendall is an AHCA Master Examiner and Team Leader. She has been a Baldrige Award Judge, California Award for Performance Excellence Judge, PiPEx Judge, and Carey Award Judge. 
Glenn and Kay have reviewed over 600 Baldrige-based applications and feedback reports. One of their core competencies is preparing organizations to be Award-worthy, teaching them how to prepare successful applications, prepare for site visits and helping them use the examiner feedback to accelerate excellence.
They have worked with 18 Baldrige recipients, 37 State Award recipients, and multiple AHCA recipients at the Bronze, Silver, and Gold Levels. They are coauthors of The Executive Guide to Understanding and Implementing Baldrige in Healthcare: Evidence-Based Excellence® available at the AHCA/NCAL bookstore or


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