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Overcoming Rental Assistance Demonstration Project Issues (RAD)

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A voluntary program of the Department of Housing and Urban Development, RAD is designed to preserve public housing by providing public housing agencies with access to a more stable funding platform from which to make much needed improvements to properties. This program gives public housing providers an unprecedented opportunity to review their existing portfolio and envision the future of public and affordable housing within their city. Not simply a paper transaction, it is a transformative tool that can truly remake their communities and change the face of their city.
Completing a RAD transformation on time and on budget can be a challenge for organizations not used to a large scale project like this.
There are six key elements of a successful RAD conversion that are tied to BaldrigeCoach’s core competencies:
1. Managing Change – RAD will be the largest change project the current personnel in  your Housing Authority have experienced. Applying Change Management principles and building the buy-in are essential.  We have a proven methodology that starts with creating a shared need and continues through the identification of metrics to track progress and the implementation of systems and processes to ensure the change is sustained.  
2. Process Improvement – A complete analysis and redesign of many basic operational processes will be needed. Most work processes will be affected by the RAD conversion.  Some will change, some will be discontinued, and some new ones will be designed. It is critical that all of the processes work together to enable the organization to become a high-performance Housing Authority. New processes must be integrated with technology and system changes. The new process designs will focus on smooth horizontal, cross-functional flow across the organization. Elimination of waste and cycle time reduction help assure the successful operation and performance after the RAD conversion is completed. 
3. Workforce Capabilities – The workforce will need to develop new skills for planning and managing change. Education and training are key to developing these capabilities. The Housing Authority needs to leverage the evolving capabilities and expand the buy-in to support the RAD conversion. Teamwork skills will be developed to help drive innovative solutions to RAD conversion issues.  
4. Project Management - Meeting major milestones on time is critical for a RAD conversion. There are many moving parts working in parallel.  Staff need to know how to plan and manage projects efficiently and effectively. Preventing delays is essential to avoiding additional costs and customer dissatisfaction. Teams will learn basic project management skills to track progress against key milestones.
5. Customer Service – For a smooth RAD conversion, it is fundamental to plan for meeting residents’ needs during a period when they will have to be moved once or twice. Resident-centered relocation considers their children's education needs, access to transportation, access to medical care, and access to social services.  
6. Measurement and Analysis – We will review the Housing Authority’s key performance indicators, scorecards, and dashboards to assure leadership at all levels and front line staff are focused on what is most important to the RAD conversion and the Agency’s ongoing effective and efficient operation. 
Individual Housing Authorities may need more or less of these services depending on their current capabilities and what our initial joint assessment reveals. 
BaldigeCoach’s principals, Glenn Bodinson and Kay Kendall, are experienced change agents with over 25 years’ senior leadership and consulting experience each in helping organizations transform to become high performance organizations.  They are experienced at planning and leading RAD conversions.  Their approach is to facilitate and build capacity within the Housing Authority.  When needed, they create and propose innovative solutions to the RAD conversion issues.  
BaldrigeCoach partners with CSW Advisory to provide complete RAD solutions.


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