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 AHCA Silver Quality Award

Workshop Description
This workshop is designed to help applicants prepare an 25-page Silver application for the AHCA/NCAL National Quality Award. Success requires meeting every Technical Requirement and effectively responding to the Criteria. In the past three years, approximately 15% of the Silver Award applicants have been recipients. We are committed to significantly improving the success rate for Silver Award applicants.
The workshop is for first-time and prior Silver Award applicants who were not recipients and is based on the new Silver Award Criteria, which requires applicants to respond to the 7 Baldrige Categories and 17 Item requirements.
Learning Objectives
After completing this workshop, the participants will be able to:
  • Understand the Silver Award Criteria, Scoring Guidelines, and Technical Requirements
  • Prepare a plan for your Silver Award application including allocation of pages and use of tables to help demonstrate alignment and integration using the Silver submission format
  • Identify expected results and learn how to present them in a space-saving manner
  • Update your Organizational Profile and align with the Process Items and Category 7 Results
  • Identify Essential Systems and describe them using the BaldrigeCoach Process Description Tool®
  • Understand how to use the application and feedback to accelerate improvement in your organization
This workshop uses a combination of lecture, case study, examples, and exercises to develop skills.
Your Instructors
Glenn Bodinson is an AHCA Master Examiner and Team Leader. He has been a Baldrige Team Leader, Texas Award for Performance Excellence Judge, and Carey Award Judge.
Kay Kendall is an AHCA Master Examiner and Team Leader. She has been a Baldrige Award Judge, California Award for Performance Excellence Judge, PiPEx Judge, and Carey Award Judge.
Glenn and Kay have reviewed over 600 Baldrige-based applications and feedback reports. One of their core competencies is preparing organizations to be Award-worthy, teaching them how to prepare successful applications, and helping them use the examiner feedback to accelerate excellence.
Silver-Quality-Award imageThey have worked with 18 Baldrige recipients, 37 State Award recipients, and multiple AHCA recipients at the Bronze, Silver, and Gold Levels. They are co-authors of The Executive Guide to Understanding and Implementing Baldrige in Healthcare: Evidence-Based Excellence® available at the AHCA/NCAL bookstore or


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