Baldrige Award: The Best Track Record in America

Your Senior leaders are strong and work hard. There are other successful organizations like yours, but you have the potential to achieve amazing results. With limited time to identify the best practices that would propel your organization to the next level, how do you improve your organization’s performance? Our priority is to help you do it — efficiently.

Our Approach to Performance Excellence

Our approach to Performance Excellence is results-driven. Our priority is to determine what you most want and need to achieve. Leaders and employees who experience early successes in their improvement programs build confidence and skills needed later for incremental and breakthrough improvements. Your implementation of a Baldrige-based system builds the muscle to accomplish those results. And we’re there with you every step of the way.

The Systems Perspective

Everyone in your organization has two tasks:
Doing Their Job
Improving How Their Job Is Done.

We view your organization from a systems perspective. Your efforts and processes must align to optimize results. BaldrigeCoach helps educate senior leaders to gain and sustain their buy-in.

Evidence-Based Excellence®

Evidence-Based Excellence® integrates and leverages change among the three primary performance systems within your company:

Leadership – planning, deployment, and accountability
People – leaders, employees, and the organizational culture
Operations – work systems, processes, procedures, and measures

    We measure our success by our clients’ results.

    Applying the Baldrige Excellence Framework is not an end…it is a means to achieving enviable results.

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