There comes a time when implementation is more important than theory.

Your priority is to grow your business. Our priority is to help you do it profitably. You know there are ways in which world-class organizations are achieving amazing results, and you need cost-effective ways to improve your businesses performance. You have little time to find the best practices that would propel your organization to the next level.

There is a better way. Let the experienced team from BaldrigeCoach help you select and implement the best practices for your organization – effectively and efficiently. You will reap the rewards.

Our approach to Performance Excellence is results-driven. We first determine what the organization most wants and needs to improve its performance. We then implement a Baldrige-based system to accomplish these results. We’ve found that leaders and employees need to experience early successes in their improvement programs in order to build confidence and skills for later incremental and breakthrough improvements.

We view organizations from a systems perspective where the efforts of the people and the processes must be focused and aligned to optimize short- and long-term results. A key aspect of success for any Performance Excellence program is the participation and commitment of the senior leaders. BaldrigeCoach helps educate senior leaders to gain and sustain their buy-in.

Our approach to meeting your education needs uses participative, adult learning techniques. We also prefer to design and facilitate self-assessments rather than act as the assessors. One reason is that people don’t argue with their own data! So when we finish facilitating your self-assessment, you and the participants own the results and commit to the prioritized next steps.

Our belief is that everyone in the organization has two tasks – doing their job and improving the way the job is done. We also believe that, over time, Baldrige is not something extra that you do; it becomes the way you run your business every day.

Evidence-Based Excellence™ integrates and leverages change among the three primary performance systems within a company:

  • Leadership– planning, deployment, and accountability
  • People – leaders, employees, and the cultural environment
  • Operations– work systems, processes, procedures, and measures

Applying the Baldrige Criteria and framework is not an end…it is a means to an end. We measure our success by our clients’ results. It is those results that earn them the title of an award recipient.

Improving business using the Baldrige Criteria.