Baldrige Award Client Testimonials

We prefer to let our clients and colleagues speak for themselves.

“Baldrige Coach was so very helpful in our AHCA Gold Quality Award Journey! Kay and Glenn reviewed our application and coached us in Baldrige terminology and patterns of incomplete or missing results in our application. Once we learned we were going to receive a Site Visit, they did conduct a mock site visit to coach the staff and allay fears. They coached the Senior Leaders in describing our processes and results in an effective way to the Examiners. They stressed the fact that we need to be proud of our journey, have fun with the Gold Site Visit and continue to pursue excellence. Their coaching made it fun for the staff to actually enjoy the Site Visit! The Site Visit resulted in our AHCA Gold Quality Award, but more importantly, we have learned effective techniques to sustain quality outcomes!”

Janet Snipes Executive Director Holly Heights Nursing Center//2018 Gold Winner

“When we first applied for an AHCA National Quality Award, we did it on our own. It was difficult and stressful. BaldrigeCoach has simplified mastering the Bronze, Silver, and Gold Award Criteria. They helped us improve the way we described our processes and presented our results to meet the scoring guidelines. By following their application preparation processes, we saved significant time and money. Kay and Glenn made it fun to improve our organizations’ performance, tell our story, and win recognition with the AHCA Quality Award. Their coaching is invaluable to anyone on the performance excellence journey.”

Maryruth Butler // Executive Director // Kindred Nursing and Rehabilitation- Mountain Valley//2011 Gold Award and 2016 Baldrige Award Winner

“I want to thank the two of you for your work in consulting with Methodist Health System over the past few months in our Texas Award for Performance Excellence application and site visit, as well as your preliminary work with us on our Baldrige journey. Your professionalism and experience with so many other TAPE and Baldrige winners was certainly on display.

I can’t imagine that there is a firm out there that could match your expertise and approach to application of the Baldrige criteria in an organization nor to helping the organization inculcate the critical understanding that Baldrige isn’t a destination, but rather a journey to perpetual effectiveness, excellence, and innovation. Great job!”

Steve Mansfield, Ph.D., FACHE // President and CEO // Methodist Health System

“I have had the privilege of working with BaldrigeCoach for the past several years. Kay’s and Glenn’s breadth and depth of knowledge and skills surrounding the Baldrige criteria are not only commendable but also useful and practical.

As chair of the Board of Overseers for the AHCA/NCAL (American Health Care Association/National Centers for Assisted Living) Quality Award, the largest Baldrige-based program in the nation, I have seen the many contributions that Kay and Glenn have made to this outstanding program. They are examiners, judges, mentors and teachers, and their insight has been invaluable.”

Ed McMahon, Ph.D // Vice President of Quality // Sunrise Senior Living

“BaldrigeCoach has been a very important partner in the process of breaking down the silos within the organization, creating an understanding of work flows and methods used to address impediments to quality results, and the development of a customer focus. I highly recommend them and their work.”

Stan Waterhouse // Former Chief Operating Officer // Housing Authority of the City of El Paso (HACEP)

“For over five years, we have engaged the services of the BaldrigeCoach team to provide workshops to our members to assist them in their performance excellence journeys to attain the AHCA Bronze and Silver Awards. Since that time, Georgia has been a leading state in the number of AHCA Bronze and Silver award recipients, an achievement that would not be possible without these workshops.”

Mendee Rock // Georgia Health Care Association

“Even after years of working as an Examiner at the Silver Award level, navigating the ins and outs of the Gold Award is challenging. It is difficult, at best, to remember all the i’s that need to be dotted and t’s that need to be crossed to produce an application that describes the facility’s processes and displays the organization’s successes in a way that paints a picture for the examiners that gives a true and accurate description that responds to the award criteria. I am not sure how I could navigate the journey on my own and appreciate the knowledge and experience I have had from Kay Kendall. I wouldn’t want to undertake this project without her support.”

Andy Miller, MHSA, Certified NHA // Administrator // Ethica Gordon Health and Rehabilitation Center

“Thank you for your assistance with the AHCA Gold application! Your feedback provided guidance on the journey to the highest level of quality for our facility. You were always quick to respond to any questions or edits, providing motivation and encouragement to strive for the highest scoring band. You are truly an expert in your field! It was a pleasure to work with you and a great learning experience! “

Erin Fromwiller // Administrator // Altercare Post-Acute Rehabilitation Center

“We hire guides and coaches for other less important areas of our lives; it just makes sense that an organization would hire a coach for something as important as improvement and results.”

Diane Bosworth, Assistant Superintendent // Jenks Public Schools // 2005 Baldrige Recipient

“I had previously had a total of approximately four weeks of training in Malcolm Baldrige from several consultants over a three year period, and thought I was as prepared as I could be to both examine applications as well as write them. It became apparent very rapidly that working with Glenn was going to be different. The training was professional, complete, hands-on, friendly and results-oriented. I found out quickly I did not know near as much about the Criteria as I had previously assumed. Mr. Glenn Bodinson taught me more in three and half days than I had learned in more than four weeks from other consultants. The training I received from Glenn was the best I have ever had, and it continues to pay personal dividends in my quest to understand as well as apply the Baldrige Criteria in my company and in my personal life.”

Tim Lewis, Site Director // Big Hill Strategic Petroleum Reserve // 2005 Texas Award for Performance Excellence

“The strengths of benefit all organizations in their pursuit of excellence. Their track record of taking beginners to high-performance is the result of their expertise in assessing, planning, and implementing all areas of the Criteria for Performance Excellence!”

JoAnn Brumit, CEO // KARLEE // 2000 Baldrige National Quality Award Recipient