2019-2020 Baldrige Excellence Framework Has Been Released

It’s that time of year. Well, yes, that time of year, too, but I’m referring to the time of year when the Baldrige Excellence Program releases the latest revision of the Baldrige Excellence Framework.https://www.nist.gov/news-events/news/2018/12/2019-2020-baldrige-excellence-framework-and-criteria-businessnonprofit-now

We’re particularly glad to see the emphasis on organizational culture, and the acknowledged relationship with organizational values.  The senior leaders who we interviewed for our book, Leading the Malcolm Baldrige Way, all brought up the importance of intentionally designing and reinforcing the cultures of their organization.  Key to that was connecting every employee to the vision and mission.  In addition, bringing the values to life in meaningful ways characterized the organizational culture.

We’re working with a client now whose organization has a list of “Non-Negotiables,” which clearly define the behaviors that are expected.  Another client has a list of “Commandments.”  These operationalize the sentiment behind one of my favorite quotes. “The culture of any organization is shaped by the worst behavior the leader is willing to tolerate.” [Rick Lochner]

Is it time for a culture “tune-up” in your organization?

1. Do you use your organization’s values in the recruiting, interviewing, and hiring processes?

2. When was the last time you talked about your organization’s values with employees?

3. How would your employees describe your personal actions with respect to the values?

4. Do you provide reward and recognition based on employees demonstrating the values in their actions?

5. Have you ever counseled a high-achieving employee about possible career limitations because their behavior didn’t comport with the values?

6. Do you trust your employees to do the “right thing?”

7. If you removed the values from badge tags and conference room walls, could your employees recite them?  Could you and your senior leaders?

8. Do you periodically re-examine your organization’s values to see if they still reflect the culture you want to have?

9. Are your values listed in the order of most important?

10.Do your values support a pursuit of performance excellence?

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